Energy Efficient Big Industrial Powerful Pedestal Fan

Energy Efficient Big Industrial Powerful Pedestal Fan is a 30 Inch Industrial stand fan, using BLDC motor, which saves more energy, quieter, and longer life than traditional AC Fan.

The industrial fan blade is aluminum 3 blades. The unique blade angle design enables the industrial fan to deliver a large air volume and wider air supply angle. NAKKA industrial fans run more silently. Industrial stand fan uses BLDC noise reduction technology. In the transmission of large air volume, the BLDC industrial fan will not create a lot of noise. NAKKA industrial fans are smarter, which can be controlled by remote control or a smartphone app. RF remote control can work near 10 meters. For smartphone Application control, we only need to download the corresponding mobile phone APP to control the fan through the mobile phone, very convenient. Rotary switch control panel with knob button. very simple to use. Industrial fans come in many modes. Unlike ordinary industrial fans, NAKKA industrial fans have a 9-hour timer setting, natural wind setting, sleep mode and 6 adjustable fan speeds. Meet your needs for different scenarios.

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