Energy Saving Products For European Market

2022-10-18 18:00

At present, the European market is facing a serious energy problem. The high price of electricity, the shortage of natural gas, the supply of electricity and the price of electricity have become the primary concern of European people.

 energy saving pedestal fan power saving stand fan

In the coming years, people will pay more attention to energy-saving products. So, when making your purchasing plans for the coming year, add electricity savings to the list.

low power consumption electric fan

The fans in NAKKA's company are all energy efficient. Because it uses a DC brushless motor, it uses at least 50% less power than other fans. In other words, an AC motor fan needs to use 180W, but our fan only needs to use 90W. Also, our 90W is stronger, quieter and smarter than the 180W.

energy saving pedestal fan

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